Extra-Large Pizza Oven Cart – Wood Fired

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The new Extra Large Pizza Oven Cart is a wood-fired outdoor oven and built in Italy with solid welded construction, steel & electro galvanized steel. Retractable handles allow you to easily move the cart around your garden as you like, allowing you to carry on entertaining for friends and family.


Overall Dimensions:

Width = 98cm

Depth = 85.5cm

Height = 198cm


SKU: 66042 Category:


* Proudly made in Italy with European parts for authentic quality
* Fully operational in under fifteen minutes of preheating
* Heavy gauge stainless steel construction for extended durability
* Rock base insulation provides superior quality and does not break down over time
* Slide-out handles and caster wheels allow mobility and precise placement
* Solid weld construction
* Food Grade Cooking Stones
* Easy Setup
* Portable
* Available in Grey only