Large Pizza Oven Head 60cm x 60cm- Wood Fired

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The new Extra Large Pizza Oven Cart is a wood-fired outdoor oven and built in Italy with solid welded construction, steel & electro galvanized steel.

Get the true pizzeria flavour through woodfired cooking.

Retractable handles allow you to easily move the cart around your garden as you like, allowing you to carry on entertaining for friends and family.


Length = 77.8cm

Depth = 78cm

Height = 118cm


SKU: 66024 Category:


* Proudly made in Italy with European parts for authentic quality
* Fully operational in under fifteen minutes of preheating
* Heavy gauge stainless steel construction for extended durability
* Rock base insulation provides superior quality and does not break down over time
* Slide-out handles and caster wheels allow mobility and precise placement
* Solid weld construction
* Food Grade Cooking Stones
* Easy Setup
* Portable